December 21, What are the evocative sounds and smells of your childhood? For me one of them is the slight smell of phenolic resin from an older piece of consumer electronics that has warmed up; it immediately has me sitting cross-legged on our living room carpet, circa That phenolic smell has gone from our modern electronics, not only because modern enclosures are made from ABS and other more modern plastics, but because the electronics they contain no longer get so hot. Before the s you would not find many household appliances that used less than watts, but if you take stock of modern electrical appliances, few use more than that. Outside the white goods in your kitchen and any electric heaters or hair dryers you may own, your appliances today are low-powered. Even your lighting is rapidly being taken over by LEDs, which are at their heart low-voltage devices. There are many small technological advancements that have contributed to this change over the decades.

Playing With Voltage Regulators

How do I hook up my tachometer? Standard Ignition Coil If you have a standard ignition coil you can use the negative terminal of the coil for the signal source. If you have a high output capacitive energy discharge type coil it is recommended that you install a tachometer filter to prevent damage to the tachometer.

Mar 06,  · A 12 lead motor can be part-winding started only on the low voltage connection, not the high voltage. If the motor drives a load that’s easy to accelerate, a part-winding starter for a big motor is a LOT less expensive than a Y-∆ one.

Comment Subscribe to comments with RSS. I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this! I also have a Watt inverter that I use to keep my phone and laptop charged. I have drained the battery to the point it will not start the Transit so I am trying to add additional power to keep from drawing the battery down for a longer period of time.

After reading your article, it sounds like I should avoid drawing the vehicle battery down too low. Would you recommend dual batteries, a deep cycle battery, or…? I would greatly appreciate any ideas. If you plan to have the vehicles alternator to charge the battery your best bet is to go with an AGM. You would need to isolate the vehicle battery from auxiliary battery using a Battery Isolator.

Be aware that if you plan to go this route the chemistry of the vehicle battery, and the auxiliary battery need to be the same, otherwise the isolator may overcharge one battery. From 0 to 2 times per year our AC power goes out when it is raining.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fernley, Nevada near Reno Posts: One problem here is that the 20 HP motor will be able to produce about 6 HP before it rapidly loses speed. Other than that, it’ll run just fine!

Dual voltage and single voltage motors can be connected for the desired voltage by following connection diagram shown on the nameplate or inside of the conduit box. 4.

Telephone For those states or countries that require a ‘lights on’ driving situation, don’t touch the actual glass of the bulb. One side of the condensor should be unsoldered. I would recommend the side opposite the HT turret on the slip ring. Primary low tension resistance as measured from the amrature core to the wires that you just unsoldered shuld be approximately 0. Secondary high tension resistance measured from armature core to slip ring brass should be – Ohms.

With everything connected up just depress the cutout contact for a few seconds. This will direct charge from the battery around the field windings and re-magnetise the field magnets with the correct polarity. Walridge Mtrs list a 6 volt black rubber original style p. They can be reached at E-mail:

BU-403: Charging Lead Acid

EasyDriver V1 – This was the first attempt. Also did not have variable current limit or 5V regulator. EasyDriver V2 – This was the second attempt. I had some boards fabbed at Futurlec without solder mask or silkscreen. The board was twice the size of V1, and routed to dissipate heat much better. The 5V regulator was added.

/12 WH from Alpha Wire at Allied Electronics & Automation.

Motors used in HVAC such as the condensing fan motors or blower fan motors sometimes need help to get moving and to stay running at a steady pace, with no heavy up and down spikes. Not all motors will have a start or run capacitor some can start and run by themselves. Capacitors in HVAC can be separate or can be in a single package. The Dual Round Capacitors are simply the way engineers are trying to save on space and cost.

They could have put two capacitors in a unit but combined them in a single package. A dual capacitor will most often have one side to start the compressor Herm and the other side to start the condensing fan motor. The third single leg on a dual capacitor is a shared common leg. A Start or Run Capacitor can be combined into one capacitor called a Dual Capacitor with three leads, but can be split between two separate capacitors.

The Start Capacitor gives a fan motor the torque it needs to start spinning then stops; while the Run capacitor stays on giving the motor extra torque when needed. If the Start Capacitor fails the motor will most likely not turn on. If a Run capacitor goes bad then a motor can turn on but the running amperage will be higher than normal causing the motor to run hot and have a short life expectancy.

If the unit has two capacitors then one is the Run Capacitor and the other is the Start Capacitor. Keep in mind the compressor also often needs a capacitor which will be HERM compressor.

PowerStream car battery questions and answers

How to Hook Up an Ignition Coil by Michelle Schaefer An internal combustion engine uses an electrical spark to ignite the fuel mixture in the engine. At the center of this system is the ignition coil. The coil is transformer that induces a high voltage output from a low voltage input.


This makes and breaks a magnetic circuit each time a spark plug fires. Because of the high HEI voltage 35, volts , special 8mm diameter spark plug wires with silicone insulation are used. Silicone insulation is soft and must be handled with extreme care. Replace any scratched or nicked wire. Fuel economy is improved at cruising speeds and exhaust emissions are reduced. Restarting of a hot engine is improved. Figure shows the different ESS operating modes.

Figure – Electronic Spark Selection operating modes There is no change in engine timing during normal city driving. This decreases catalytic converter warm-up time and reduces emissions. When starting engine, the spark is retarded from normal advance on all cars. This improves hot starting because ignition occurs closer to the beginning of the power stroke.

Connection Diagrams

Here’s how you do it: Get a v isolation transformer, SIX different colors of tape, and a continuity tester Ohmmeter with a beeper, etc. Get three plastic light-socket boxes, nail ’em to a 2×4, install plastic bulb-sockets, and install some 4W w bulbs Pick a wire, hook it up. Mark each with a different color of tape. Now, all you have to do, is determine which WAY the wires are facing, and which winding of the low-side corresponds to the winding of the HIGH side.

Nov 18,  · Motor Connection Diagrams (Full Lecture) Jim Pytel. 9 lead high voltage delta, 9 lead low voltage delta, 12 lead high voltage y, 12 lead low voltage y, 12 lead high voltage delta, and 12 lead.

Otago Daily Times Filed Under: ATV Utility Vehicle Hunting Buggy – The rear electric atv motor is visible mounted on the rear axle of the Barefoot Motors electric ATV prototype Electric all-terrain vehicles may not impress the dune-and trail-riding crowd that rides for recreation, but a few small companies expect organic farmers and vineyard growers will pay a premium to gather cattle and spray vines without the carbon footprint of a gas vehicle. While automakers are toiling to produce electric cars that will fit the demands of American drivers, Ashland-based Barefoot Motors is on the verge of turning out heavy-duty electric ATVs that can go 50 miles on a charge costing about 90 cents.

She’d like to haul her spraying equipment without fogging the vines with exhaust fumes, and the electric ATV motors could get free power from the vineyard’s solar panels. It’s even more cost-efficient for farms producing their own power from solar panels or manure digesters, and as gas prices go up. Barefoot is not the first electric ATV coming to market. Bad Boy Buggies in Natchez, Mississippi, has vehicles intended for hunters.

How to Wire a High & Low Voltage Three-Phase Motor

The wires that connect it all together The Motor The motor we talked about previously. The second concern is that it will work with the voltage of the components you choose. The general rule, is that the higher the voltage, the fewer amps need to be pushed through the system to attain the same wattage. Although rated at 36V, we run our motor at 48V so we can utilize available golf cart components for the rest of our systems, which are also inexpensive and abundantly available.

For our boat, we designed the system to handle amps. If you were paying attention earlier, you might notice that our motor is rated for only 4.

High voltage capacitors typically have a thick line or arrow with a minus (-) sign printed on it indicating the cathode (negative) lead of the capacitor. Sciencing Video Vault Insert the two leads with alligator clips into the positive and negative lead input jacks of a plus volt power supply.

This can be determined directly by counting the number of available terminal leads accessible from the induction motor’s terminal box. All 12 leads motors are most commonly made for dual voltage application. This means that the motor was specifically designed for dual voltage operation which can be supplied with either low voltage or high voltage configuration. The motor will have to be appropriately selected accordingly, which is basically dependent on the application for which the motor is intended to operate based on the available source voltage where the motor is to be installed.

For the purpose of providing an example, the most common operational voltage for induction motors in most industrial application are motors designed to operate with and volts power supply. The rated operational voltage of any induction motors can be found from the motor’s nameplate. It is also a standard practice for motor manufacturers to provide information about the motor’s specific wiring connection for both low and high voltages on the motor’s nameplate or on the cover of the motor’s terminal box.

Each of the rated voltage values intended for the motor’s operation requires different methodology of wiring connection in order to run the motor in either low or high volts operation. The electrical drawings shown below illustrates a standard 12 leads wiring connection for induction motors rated with dual voltage functionality in star wye configuration. The 3 phase AC source line voltage L1 is connected to the motor terminal 1, line voltage L2 is connected to motor terminal 2 and finally line voltage L3 is connected to motor terminal 3, while also shorting together motor terminals to form the center tap of a typical star wye connection, then also individually joining together motor terminals then and finally respectively refer to above drawing.

The 3 phase AC source line voltage L1 is connected to the motor terminals , line voltage L2 is connected to motor terminals and finally line voltage L3 is connected to motor terminals , while also shorting together motor terminals including motor terminals to form the center tap of a typical star wye connection refer to above drawing. Another variation of wiring configuration for a 12 leads motor connection apart from the 12 leads star wye connection is the 12 leads delta wiring configuration.

E arn while you learn to become an Electrician Apprentice! D iscover the method of harnessing the most powerful and most efficient way to generate natural, clean electricity!

Medium-Voltage Industrial Cable 2.4 kV – 35 kV

CDI electronics has been the leader in outboard marine Ignition technology since , and their products are marketed under the name of “Quick Strike ignitions”. This information is supplied as a service guide only and Outboardparts. The information has been obtained from actual Unit analysis, parts manuals, and other sources.

The most common, easy to use, test equipment will be covered. Due to the rapid development of computerized EFI Electronic Fuel Injection and ECU Ignition systems, more complicated and expensive test equipment will be developed for the marine industry, just as it has been developed for the automotive industry.

A motor’s nominal voltage is the voltage at which the motor provides the best power output to efficiency ratio (rather than highest efficiency or highest power output). Operating a motor at the nominal voltage also helps to guarantee a long useful life.

Originally Posted by inetdog Putting batteries in parallel should be avoided as much as possible, since it is difficult to get the charge and discharge currents to split equally among them. When possible you should use lower voltage higher capacity batteries instead. In your case, three strings of two six volt batteries each There’s no advantage to three strings of two six volt batteries over three strings of double the capacity 12V batteries.

Generally it’s the opposite, that high capacity 6V batteries are rarer and more costly as a result. There is no reliability increase by merely splitting up individual cells into more plastic containers. It just decreases power density per volume and increases cost and wiring complexity. If you must go with parallel, you would need a bus bar system and carefully cut and assembled connecting wires to keep the resistances in each battery circuit matched.

For matching wire resistance, positive should be taken from one end of the parallel array and negative from the other end.

Dual Voltage, 3 Phase, 9 Lead Wye Motor Connections #1

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